Sitting Still

As a person with a brain that never shuts the fuck up, I really do have a hard time sitting still. Ever since I was a young one with toy poodle hair and a flashy all-Disney wardrobe, I’ve had a hard time being fully present. My mind was always off

You Can’t Spell Gratitude without Attitude

Nasty Ones, Old and Young— This week we have a lot to be thankful for. Our bellies and hearts disgustingly full, we look to the month of December to guide us as we wrap up old bullshit, face our judgey family members, and get all (or at the very least,

Great but Mostly Just Realistic Expectations

Ok, we promise these all won’t feel so heavy. Be ready for a few curveball posts about random body hairs and discharge profiles. Another day, another day. Today we want to talk about expectations: what is expected of us and how much of that is our own set of expectations


Nasty Freaks & Geeks, We wanted to start the week out by speaking a little bit on the topic of boundaries. Boundaries are an interesting thing. You can dig a deep ass boundary line straight into the sand, but if someone wants to step over it, there’s no physical barrier

The Nasty Beginnings

This has obviously been a long time coming. We are the movers, the shakers, and the perfect hot messes of feminist culture. Greetings from the Nasty Woman Project! Welcome to entry numero uno of our blog. I’m Rula, one-third of the force that is the Nasty Woman Project. I’m a

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