20/20 Vision

Happy New Year Nasties.

We hope everyone is fully recovered from NYE festivities and amped to see what 2020 brings. We say this knowing that as we entered this new year we also entered the peak fires in Australia and the horrific fear of a potential WWIII. Let’s talk about seeing things clearly in 2020 and ways to combat the stress of the world while still collectively helping keep it afloat.

Let’s start with Australia. These fires have been ravaging the area since September but now the damage has increased exponentially. Here are some top places to donate to if you’re looking to help immediately.

• First Nations GoFundMe Fundraiser: this is an online fundraiser that offers “culturally sensitive, specific direct support” to First Nations communities that have been affected by the fires—which include relocation costs, emergency relief, and basic amenities.

• GIVIT: this Australian nonprofit connects people with items and services that they need. If you are in Australia you can provide requested things like mattresses and food, but if you’re not you can make donations that will be used to purchase these things.

• Australian Red Cross: donate money to send help to people who have been evacuated from their homes.

• WIRES: an Australian wildlife organization working to find and help sick, injured, and orphaned animals, WIRES accepts donations via credit card, Paypal, and Facebook.

Now on to WWIII. Everyone just take some deep breaths. Remember, the memes are horrible and this is no laughing matter, and we must continue to be sensitive to the people of Iran and Iraq. Two of our founders are from both countries and have received so many thoughtful messages at this time. Kind words help. Support helps. The power that stress has over our bodies and our spirits is so strong. Sometimes it feels good to disengage, and sometimes it feels good to be painfully in the know. Whatever serves you at this time, lean into it and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. 2020 is the year for 20/20 vision, for seeing things as they are and recalibrating our own reactions to those things. Open your eyes and see the year ahead–know that it will be ok.

Until next week,

Nasty Gehr

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