The Nasty Beginnings

This has obviously been a long time coming. We are the movers, the shakers, and the perfect hot messes of feminist culture. Greetings from the Nasty Woman Project! Welcome to entry numero uno of our blog.

I’m Rula, one-third of the force that is the Nasty Woman Project. I’m a journalist and writer but most importantly I’m obsessed with telling other people’s stories.

Julia is our artsy fartsy one. She’s got a brilliant eye for visuals, and can build a fort anywhere if you give her the right materials. It’s actual magic.

Pegah is the one responsible for our graphics, for this beauty of a website, and for constant comedic relief. Oh and she’s hella Twitter famous.

You’ll be hearing from all of us here. This blog will be a sacred space to sound off about upcoming events, our periods, mansplainers of the day etc. We will also be using this space along with our newsletter to let y’all know about about any new projects, endeavors, and fun stories we want to share.

If you don’t know us personally yet, just imagine we are the three stooges (but hotter duh) and we have a fucking agenda: to elevate women in every avenue.

Our events and projects are fully produced by women and we are constantly seeking to focus our work on the communities that need us the most. The world may be burning but we want to help put out the flames any way we can.

By the way, our Instagram is still alive and well. We are constantly taking portrait submissions. Check our account for submission instructions @nastywomanproject.

So here we are! I’ll sign off with a question to get y’all thinking nasty thoughts.

Have you ever named any of your sex toys, and if so what was their name? Mine was Roberto. 😉

Stay Nasty baybay,


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