Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring nasty women, and supporters of nasty women, together. Nasty, for us, is a term for finding beauty in the freaky. Being true to oneself while simultaneously getting behind issues that make us feel something. We hope to provide fun, excitement, and education to our community all while creating a safe and nurturing space. It is through your love and participation that we will grow and blossom.

Our Story

The Nasty Woman Project began as an Instagram account born out of a preemptive Trump’s America fury in November 2016. We began a series of self portraits of self proclaimed Nasty Women. Since then, we have grown to a women’s collective that throws events, raises money for charity, makes waves, and puts smiles on people’s faces. We are beyond excited to continue making a mark in the NYC community and growing with you all.


Who We Are


Rula Al-Nasrawi

Rula Al-Nasrawi is a writer and editor based in NYC. Her work has been featured in VICE, Broadly, Cosmopolitan, The Atlantic, and more. Also, she spends way too much free time making horoscope memes for her blog On The Cusp.


Julia Joyce-Barry

Julia is an NYC artist who never ever liked parties. then she met Rula and Pegah and fell in love with honoring community through fun and celebration. On her days off you can find her building nasty forts and painting you watercolor postcards about feelings.


Pegah Yazd

Pegah is a designer, photographer, and sometime writer (mostly of jokes). Originally from the Bay Area, Pegah has been in NYC since 2013 making art, thinking about feminism, and cooking pretty good vegetarian food.

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