A Very Nasty Holiday Wish List

Hey Nastys.

The holidays are around the corner and we wanted to put together a nasty wish list for the 30 things we want this year:

1. Good health (ok duh but we’ve all been sick this season so praying for this first and foremost)

2. Less eye bags. Listen, we’re beautiful but very tired ok?

3. Less sleep paralysis. No joke, that shit gets old real fast.

4. At least one puppy party. Hopefully one that involves some of our IG famous faves like Brussels Sprout and Doug the Pug.

5. Baby Yoda IRL. Please. To have and to hold forever.


6. Even more plants than ever before—def a Bird of Paradise, some more Pothos plants, another Monstera. You know just a few hundred more to liven up our spaces and turn our lives into pure Jumanji.

7. More cunnilingus than ever before as well. We deserve that shit.

8. Less plastic bags—Greta we got you.


9. Less yeast infections please 😉

10. More naps please 😉

11. Glitter that stays on all night but doesn’t stay on for two weeks post event

12. Sincere compliments

13. Many lumps of coal for the Cheetoh Gawd

14. Personal space in public places

15. Less drama in 2020

16. Equal pay

17. More sage so we can cleanse out the haters

18. A vibrator that can weather the elements

19. Clear communication–why can’t we all say what we mean and mean what we say?

20. More consensual hand holding

21. More delicious food so we can keep eating right

22. More patience

23. More understanding

24. More certainty

25. Many more trips to the beach

26. A warm blanket (or 5)

27. A warm heart

28. Big beds

29. Even bigger moves

30. Enough coffee to tackle it all


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